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Dental Practice transactions are more complicated today than ever before. There have been a plethora of changes over the last eleven years since the inception of the 2006 NHS contract set light to the dental practices for sale market. Couple this with the relaxation of laws allowing dental practices to trade as a Limited Company and the inception of the Care Quality Commission, Information Governance and Local Area Teams and you can see why so many have taken advantage of the former which has encouraged multiple dental practice ownership and fuelled goodwill values nationwide. However, the process of selling your dental practice is now considerably more arduous and the due diligence is lengthier due to the higher number of variables to consider when selling or buying a practice. For this reason and a number of others, dental practice transactions can now take significantly longer than ever before, but they really shouldn’t if you have the right advisors working with you. We deliver a service that manages this process and works towards a number of milestones in a transaction that should ensure a timely completion is achieved;

  • We can instruct, at no cost to you, the assistance of a legal representative during the legal due diligence to help collate the necessary documents and answer the ‘long list’ of DD questions.
  • We provide the necessary CQC documents and support in completing the application form. We then check, date and send the CQC forms on your behalf to ensure they pass validation.
  • As a vendor you will work with one consultant from valuation through to completion which means the consultant who visits and values the practice is the same consultant who manages your transaction through to completion, at all times over-seen and accountable once a fortnight to the directors as to the progression of the transaction.
  • All of our consultancy team have worked in the dental sector for more than six years each (collectively nearly a century!), not just in practice but in Operations & HR Management so fully understand the daily challenges faced and the equipment used in a dental practice on a day-to-day basis.

In the first instance you can read more information about the process by downloading the Sellers or Buyers guide to Buying or Selling a Dental Practice but you should remember every practice has it’s challenges and requires a bespoke process to be managed by an experienced consultant.

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