Practice seeking Dental Recruitment Agency help?

Recruiting the Right People is Always a Challenge. This is Why We Only Work on a No Placement, No Fee Basis

Dental Practices – Using A Dental Recruitment Agency

There is a stigma on the perception of the ‘recruitment agency’. It’s a little like marmite. You either love us or you hate us. We understand why, it can seem expensive or poor value for money, there are some who make false promises, poor candidate screening and last but not least some are known for and have built their businesses on unethical practices. When you dissect these points you can usually identify why these beliefs exist. We can wholeheartedly say that we are committed to consistently finding the best quality candidates for you both honestly and ethically. We believe that everyone involved can benefit when it comes to recruitment done well.

Return On Investment: Getting The Right Team

We don’t deny that agency fees can be expensive in comparison to a newspaper or online journal advert. So what are you paying for to justify the cost? Running a business is tough; it’s even harder when you don’t have the right team. A competent work force allows you to relax and delegate tasks effectively and confidently. The ever-increasing red tape and the restraint of only having so many hours in a day effectively means you hire a recruiter to manage the laborious task of fishing through applications and to screen the right candidates for your role.  It’s important to remember that instructing an agent doesn’t mean on day one you are hit with a big bill. In fact it’s the opposite, you’re never charged a fee unless a candidate is placed – even then there are refund structures in place if it doesn’t work out. As a recruiter we hired our recruitment consultants from recruitment to recruitment agencies. The irony! However, it allowed us to continue working on other areas of business and cherry pick only the candidates we liked and who we knew had a realistic chance of getting the position. If we didn’t think they were suitable we would simply say “No Thanks” but we trusted our agency to provide us only suitable candidates. When we found the right employee we were happy to pay a fee.

No Placement = No Fee

An employer can use as many agencies as they wish to, as sole agency agreements are very uncommon, particularly within the dental industry. Our ultimate aim is to provide all clients with such an efficient and effective service so that Dental Elite will naturally become your first port of call for any vacancies which do arise within your practice. As briefly mentioned above, Dental Elite work only on a contingency fee basis for finding your ideal dental employee. This means that unless we successfully introduce you to a candidate who then starts work, our service and efforts are 100% Free.

After searching through BDJ jobs and sending my CV out to several advertised roles,” says Maaria, “Dental Elite responded to me straight away. “By the time other recruiters got back to me, Matthew Sweeney from Dental Elite had already found me a job as a Dental Associate for Genix Healthcare in Leicester. “In addition to being swift and organised, Matthew was extremely aware of my needs and criteria, meaning I ended up with a job best suited to me. “He liaised with the practices to set up my interviews, offered me guidance and advice on how to approach the potential employer and courteously rang me after each and every one to see how I had got on.

Dental Elite responded to me straight away, I would definitely recommend Dental Elite to anyone.