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We are one of the leaders in brokering finance for buyers in the UK. We have built excellent relationships with the banks and have tailored packages for 1000's of buyers from sourcing their first practice to their second practice to a total group refinance.

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We all have the dream of owning our own practice, however the thought of making that transition is often frightening.[...]

Practice Finance – Imran Ahmed Shares His Story

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Starting Your Finance Journey


You provide a detailed list of assets & liabilities and personal expenditure


We provide you an upper lending limit


You source a practice and provide us with the financials


We structure a deal and tender to the banks with tailored lending options and secure the finance

No Result, No Fee Dental Practice Finance

Making such a huge financial commitment to buy a practice can be a daunting experience. Especially if you have never owned your own business before or have borrowed funds for your first dental practice ownership. Dental Elite now operate DE Finance; our dental practice finance division. DE finance operates independently of the core practice sales division. DE Finance focus on negotiating dental practice finance for buyers seeking to acquire a dental practice. Not only on practices we are selling but also on practices you may find directly or through other agents.

As every practice and loan proposal is individual, it is very difficult to provide any buyer with a concrete budget. Especially with dental practices often selling with high goodwill premiums. More often than not need a higher cash contribution than if a practice sold for just the marketing price. However, when a buyer first makes contact with DE Practice Finance we ask you to complete an Initial Finance Assessment Form which you can now complete online once you have registered. This will enable us to give you an indicative idea of the kind of practices you can consider viewing and bidding on. This can help speed up the process for you.

When you shortlist a practice, you can make contact with DE Finance as often as you wish. Our team will then conduct an affordability test on the target so you can bid with confidence. We will also provide you written confirmation of the viability of your bid. This occurs as long as you are bidding within the constraints of the affordability check.

When your offer is accepted, the real work begins. We will populate a profile for circulation amongst all the lenders that we know would consider your proposal. We then work a competitive tender process to ensure we come back to you with the best deal on the market. This way we can provide you with a full comparison of all the indicative terms provided.

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